Divine Orchid Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea


Divine Orchid Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea

Immerse yourself in the mystique of Divine Orchid Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess Oolong Tea, a brew steeped in legend and perfected by the ages. This premium Oolong tea, hailing from the fertile hills of Fujian Province, China, is named after the revered Iron Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, embodying a tale of devotion and reward.

This tea originates from a myth involving a poor farmer who, out of reverence, maintained a dilapidated temple dedicated to Kuan Yin. In return for his piety, he was led by a dream to discover a precious tea shoot behind the temple, which he cultivated into a flourishing tea bush. The dark leaves of the mature bush reminded him of the iron statue of Kuan Yin, inspiring the name Ti Kuan Yin, symbolizing the Iron Goddess of Mercy.

Grown at an altitude of 2500 feet, this Oolong tea is known for its light sweet flavor that resonates with the subtle elegance of orchid. The pale green-yellow liquor tending slightly to amber captures the essence of this exquisite tea. With each sip, enjoy a fragrant finish and a delightful sweetness, complemented by slight floral notes that make this tea a popular choice among connoisseurs.

With a caffeine content of approximately 20-30mg per cup, it offers a perfect balance of invigoration without overstimulation, making it suitable for enjoyment throughout the day. The Divine Orchid Ti Kuan Yin is not just a tea but a potion of well-being, cleansing and balancing the spirit just as it delights the palate. Whether you're a tea lover or a collector of stories, this tea promises a cup filled with history, culture, and divine flavor.

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