Elegant Affair: Mr. Darcy’s Pride Tea Blend


Elegant Affair: Mr. Darcy’s Pride Tea Blend

Immerse yourself in a love story with every sip of our Elegant Affair: Mr. Darcy’s Pride Tea Blend. Inspired by the timeless romance of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, this exquisite blend captures the complexity and depth of Mr. Darcy himself. Combining the robust, malty flavors of Assam and the bright, full-bodied notes of Sri Lankan black teas with a touch of green tea, this blend offers a refined twist on traditional black tea.

Enhanced with natural bergamot oil, this tea presents a delicate Earl Grey accent that complements its strong foundation, mirroring the evolving relationship between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. The addition of red cornflower petals not only adds a splash of color but symbolizes the blossoming love and passion within the story.

Perfect for any time of day, especially during a quiet moment with a beloved classic novel, Mr. Darcy’s Pride is a blend that celebrates both character and romance. Whether you’re a Jane Austen aficionado or a tea lover in search of a blend with personality, this tea promises a delicious, enticing experience that stirs the senses and the imagination.

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