Exotic Elixir: Cardamom Tea


Introducing Our Cardamom Tea

At The Refill Jar, we're delighted to offer you our Cardamom Tea, a truly unique and exotic blend that has become a favourite amongst tea connoisseurs worldwide.

Crafted to Perfection To create this exceptional tea, Tea Masters have meticulously blended high-quality Kenyan black tea leaves. This choice of tea provides a crisp yet mature character, serving as the perfect canvas for the infusion of green cardamom, which imparts its herbal and subtly menthol notes.

A Global Spice Treasure Cardamom is a beloved spice cherished across diverse culinary traditions, from Asia and the Middle East to Europe. In India, it enhances both savoury and sweet dishes, from fragrant rice biryanis to creamy desserts. In Turkey and Lebanon, it graces their coffee, while Scandinavians use it to flavour their baking. Even UK chefs have begun experimenting with the delightful pairing of cardamom and chocolate.

Versatile and Flavourful Our Cardamom Tea offers a versatile brewing experience. When steeped lightly, it unveils a more exotic take on the classic Earl Grey. For a Middle Eastern-inspired treat, enjoy it strong, black, and sweetened to your liking. Alternatively, savour it well-brewed with a splash of milk, transforming it into a rich and comforting cup, reminiscent of a soothing spiced chai.

Experience the exotic allure of cardamom in every sip with our Cardamom Tea, available at The Refill Jar. Discover a world of flavour in your teacup.

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