Imperial Majesty Golden Monkey China Black Tea


Imperial Majesty Golden Monkey China Black Tea

Step into a world of regal tradition with Imperial Majesty Golden Monkey China Black Tea, once revered as the King of Panyong Congou. This exquisite black tea hails from the high altitudes of Fujian Province, China, grown at an impressive 4800 feet above sea level, where the purest conditions bring out the richness of its flavors.

Golden Monkey tea carries a tale of ancient extravagance, where it was believed to be gathered by golden monkeys in the lush forests for the local Taipans—overlords of yesteryears. This rare tea was cherished for its supposed qualities that mirrored the vitality and agility of the troop's leading monkey. While we leave these legends in the mists of time, the tea itself remains a luxurious experience.

This special Tippy Orange Pekoe (STOP) grade tea brews a very bright and golden coppery color, embodying the spirit of the golden monkeys it is named after. Each sip offers a piquant aroma leading to a flavoursome and full-bodied taste that is both invigorating and lively. With a caffeine content estimated between 27-35mg per cup, it strikes a perfect balance, making it a moderate and enlivening choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a tea with both history and exceptional quality. Enjoy a cup of Imperial Majesty and savor the taste of a legendary brew.

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