Mighty Morn Irish Breakfast Tea


Mighty Morn Irish Breakfast Tea

Kickstart your mornings with the robust strength of our Mighty Morn Irish Breakfast Tea. Sourced from the lush gardens of Assam and the scenic Nandi Highlands of Kenya, this tea is a vigorous blend of second flush Assam and a rich February harvest from Kenya, crafted specifically for those who enjoy a hearty start to their day. The combination of CTC Broken Orange Pekoe and BP1 Broken Pekoe #1 leaves brews into a bright and coppery cup with a full body that's as strong as it is invigorating.

Expect a powerful malty taste with deep, complex floral notes and a pronounced astringency that leaves a distinctively 'dry' mouthfeel. With caffeine levels ranging from 27 to 35mg per cup, it offers a refreshing yet substantial boost to your morning routine. Perfect for those mornings when you need a tea so strong, your teaspoon might just stand up in it. Enjoy this popular choice among tea lovers who appreciate a full-bodied, wholesome brew that redefines the traditional breakfast tea experience.

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