Paper Plane - Rose Geranium Gardener's Soap 100% Natural Vegan

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Introducing Paper Plane's Gardener's Delight: a 100% natural soap bar, thoughtfully crafted for those with a passion for gardening.

Experience the rejuvenating essence of rose geranium with this vegan soap bar, free from plastic packaging. Its invigorating fragrance is especially suited for nurturing hard-working hands, leaving them feeling refreshed and delicately scented.

Presented in eco-friendly, recyclable paper adorned with a charming watercolor floral illustration, this soap bar makes an ideal gift for garden enthusiasts. Embrace nature’s purity with a product that proudly declares no palm oil, no sulphates, no triclosan, no phthalate, and absolutely no cruelty – just the goodness of nature.

Explore our full range of vegan, 100% natural soaps and shampoos for more eco-conscious choices.

Each bar, weighing a minimum of 95g, is hand-cut, ensuring a unique, artisanal quality with every purchase.

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Paper Plane
Paper Plane