Refreshing Melon Breeze Tikiti Green Tea


Refreshing Melon Breeze Tikiti Green Tea

Step into a world of refreshing flavors with our Refreshing Melon Breeze Tikiti Green Tea, a delightful blend that brings a taste of exotic freshness to your cup. Crafted using a Sencha-style green tea leaf from the fertile regions of Hunan, China, this tea combines the natural flavors of sweet watermelon with the crisp, fresh taste of air-dried cucumber slices, creating a truly smooth and revitalizing beverage.

The name 'Tikiti,' which means 'melon' in Swahili, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this tea, offering a light-bodied infusion that's as delightful hot as it is iced. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing afternoon or looking for a unique twist for your next gathering, Tikiti Green Tea serves as an excellent base for an innovative tea cocktail. Try making a concentrate and adding a splash to your favorite gin topped with tonic for a refreshing drink that's sure to impress.

With its low caffeine content, this tea is ideal for those seeking a gentle yet energizing lift. The vibrant green color with yellow highlights hints at the lively character within, while the aroma of watermelon with a hint of citrus invites a sip. The taste follows through with fresh watermelon notes leading to a crisp cucumber finish, making every cup a refreshing escape. Enjoy the essence of summer in every sip with Refreshing Melon Breeze Tikiti Green Tea—perfect for reinvigorating your senses and boosting well-being.

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