Serene Blossom China Pai Mu Tan White Tea


Serene Blossom China Pai Mu Tan White Tea

Experience the exquisite delicacy of Serene Blossom China Pai Mu Tan White Tea, a masterfully crafted brew that captivates with its elegance and purity. Grown in the serene elevations of Fujian Province, China, between 2000 and 4000 feet above sea level, this tea epitomizes the art of fine tea making.

Pai Mu Tan, also known as White Peony, is renowned for its delicate processing and the meticulous attention required to perfect its withering under ideal climatic conditions. This Grade 1 white tea showcases the top two leaves and a bud, noted for their light green, almost grey-white appearance, and a soft, velvety peach fuzz that promises quality and care.

With a very low caffeine content of approximately 10mg per cup, this tea offers a pale yellow-green infusion that is as soothing to the eyes as it is to the palate. Its flavor is smooth and velvety, carrying subtle jammy notes reminiscent of Keemun, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a gentle yet flavorful tea. The fresh aroma and cleansing properties enhance its popularity, making it a perfect choice for any time of the day.

Whether seeking a moment of tranquility or a refreshing beverage to cleanse the palate, Serene Blossom China Pai Mu Tan White Tea provides a light-bodied, delicate escape into the world of luxury teas.

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