Spring Essence Chaofeng Hyson Green Tea


Spring Essence Chaofeng Hyson Green Tea

Delight in the verdant freshness of our Spring Essence Chaofeng Hyson Green Tea, a superb selection celebrated for its youthful vigor and exceptional quality. Originating from the lush hills of Anhui Province, China, this tea is crafted from young leaves located just below the new growing shoots at the top of the tea bush, embodying the essence of spring with every sip.

During its meticulous processing, the leaves are expertly rolled and twisted, often resembling small clams, which helps to enhance the release of their light, fresh character upon steeping. The term "Hyson," meaning "Flourishing Spring," aptly describes the vibrant, green taste of this tea, distinguished by its use of tender young leaves rather than the traditional older ones.

With a low caffeine content of approximately 20mg per cup, this tea offers a soothing, refreshing experience without the intensity of higher caffeine teas. Its flavor profile is delicately vegetal, providing a sublime light-bodied infusion that is predominantly green in color. Spring Essence Chaofeng Hyson Green Tea is an excellent addition to any tea menu, ideal for those seeking a gentle, refreshing tea that carries the full spirit of springtime rejuvenation.

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