Teddy Bearís Picnic: Teddy Bearís Choice Childrenís Fruit Tea


Teddy Bear’s Picnic: Teddy Bear’s Choice Children’s Fruit Tea

Welcome to the delightful world of Teddy Bear’s Picnic: Teddy Bear’s Choice Children’s Fruit Tea, where every sip is a playful adventure! Crafted with a loveable blend of luxury natural dried fruits and vibrant herbs, this tea is a teddy bear’s dream come true, packed with Vitamin C and bursting with the flavors of creamy caramel.

From the sun-drenched fields of Canada, USA, Thailand, and Spain, this enchanting mix includes apple, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel, elderberries, black currants, and beautifully fragrant petals from roses, calendula, cornflower, and red thistle. The result is a caffeine-free infusion that turns a charming pinkish hue, offering a wonderful natural sweetness complemented by a creamy caramel depth that any teddy bear (or child) would find irresistible.

Ideal for a whimsical picnic, a playful dressing up session, or a cozy cuddle time, Teddy Bear’s Choice serves as the perfect refreshment. Its fruity aroma and delightful taste provide a balancing, medium-bodied experience that’s just as suited for imaginative play as it is for a soothing bedtime treat. Let the natural sweetness of berries and the luxurious hint of caramel carry you away to a joyful tea time any time of the day!

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